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19.6800MHz Temperature Compensated Oscillator
Product ID: TCXO016650
Manufacturer: C-MAC
In Stock: 95


Part Number: TCXO016650
Model number: IQTCXO-250-HU
Pack size: 1

Quantity Pricing:

1+ packs: 6.00 each
10+ packs: 5.00 each

Technical data
Frequency 19.680000MHz
Supply voltage: 5V0.25V
Supply current: 5mA
Output Waveform: Clipped Sine
14pin DIL compatible
Operating range: -30 to 75C
Frequency Stabilities Vs Operating Temperature Range: 2.5ppm
Case size: 18.5mm x 12.00mm x 5.00mm

Download Datasheet


1A 1000V Rectifier
Product ID: 1N4007
1A 1000V Rectifier
In Stock: 0
Manufacturer: Various inc. Motorola / ITT
Datecode: 2000+

Pack size: 100

Quantity Pricing:
1 - 9 packs: 1.00 per pack (0.01 each)
10 - 25 packs: 0.80 per pack (0.008 each)
Out of Stock

1A 400V Rectifier
Product ID: 1N4004
1A 400V Rectifier
In Stock: 0

Manufacturer: Motorola
Datecode: 2000+
Case size: DO-41

Pack size: 500

Quantity Pricing:
1+ packs: 2.55 per pack

Out of Stock

1N4148 Small Signal Diode
Product ID: 1N4148
Manufacturer: Philips
1N4148 Small Signal Diode
In Stock: 98

Manufacturer: Philips  

Pack size: 100

Quantity Pricing:
1 - 10 packs: 1.00 per pack
11 - 25 packs: 0.70 per pack
26+ packs: 0.50 per pack

1P 2W Key Switch
Product ID: 184-860
1P 2W Key Switch
In Stock: 23

Manufacturer/Supplier: Farnell

Part Number: 184-860

Pack size: 1

Quantity Pricing:

1+ packs: 1.95 per pack

Technical data

L: 30mm D: 19mm
Solder tag connections
Single pole changeover
2 keys supplied which removes in either position


2 Phase Stepper Motor - VEXTA
Product ID: PK244-01AA
Manufacturer: Vexta
In Stock: 161


Manufacturer: Oriental Motor Co. - VEXTA

Part Number: PK244-01AA

Pack size: 1

Quantity Pricing:

1 - 9 packs: 12.95 per pack
10+ packs: 10.95 per pack

Technical data
Frame Size: 1.65"
Maximum Holding Torque: 36 oz-in
Rotor Inertia: 0.3 oz-in
Rated Current: 1.2 A/phase
Voltage: 4.00
Resistance: 3.3 ohms/phase
Basic Step Angle@ 1.8
Inductance: 3.2 mH/phase

Manufacturers Data Sheet:

Click on picture to enlarge
Remember! shipment is free in the UK for orders over 30


2 pole DIN/surface mount relay base
Product ID: 329-884
2 pole DIN/surface mount relay base
In Stock: 47

Manufacturer: OMRON
Part Number: PTF08A-E
Pack size: 1

Quantity Pricing:

1+ packs: 2.00

Technical data
Pins: 8
Width: 28mm
Use with: LY Relay



2.0000MHz Clock Oscillator Module
Product ID: IQXO-350C-2.0000
Manufacturer: C-MAC
2.0000MHz Clock Oscillator Module
In Stock: 2218

Manufacturer: C-MAC
Part Number: IQXO-350C-2.0000
Pack size: 1

Quantity Pricing:

1+ packs: 0.99 each
10+ packs: 0.89 each,
100+packs: 0.69 each

Technical data
Frequency: 2.0000MHz
5v Operation TTL/CMOS Compatible
14pin DIL Footprint
Size: 21.0 x 13.08 x 5.1mm
Compact quartz crystal oscillators in hermetically sealed metal packages

Download data sheet


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